Admission rules

Admission regulations for foreigners and persons without citizenship of Kharkiv medical academy of postgraduate education (training and skills enhancement, internship) in 2022

For admission to the Kharkiv Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education, foreign citizens file such documents:
  1. application form (it is filled in the international department);
  2. original and notarized copy of the previous (higher) education;
  3. original and notarized copy of the document (appendix to certificate about education), which contains information about the success in academic subjects;
  4. notarized copy of the birth certificate;
  5. medical certificate of health, testified by the official body of health protection of the country from which the foreign citizen arrived, and given out not later than in two months before leaving to study in Ukraine (with the notarized translation);
  6. copy of the foreigner’s passport or the document which proves the identity without nationality (pages with personal data and visa);
  7. valid policy of medical insurance and the responsibility insurance policy of foreigners for the reimbursement, connected with execution of the decision on administrative exclusion;
  8.  6 photos 6 х 4 cm in size and 10 photos 3.5 х 4.5 cm in size;
  9.  photoroentgenography and the reference about absence of the HIV infection, made in Ukraine.
Foreigners, who arrive in postgraduate study, additionally submit the essay on the chosen scientific specialty or officially testified in a place  of work/study of the candidate the list of the published scientific works and inventions.
Documents have to be testified in the country of their delivery by way which is officially used in this country for such certificate, and legalized by the corresponding foreign-diplomated establishment of Ukraine.
Documents on education of the foreigners enlisted on training, given out by educational institutions of other countries, undergo recognition procedure  in Ukraine according to the legislation.
In case of lack of confirmation of authenticity (nostrification) of the document of the foreigner about education or level of the education he/she got during the first year of training, the educational institution deducts such foreigner.
The conditions for training and living of foreigners and stateless persons are specified in the