To the attention of applicants!

Professional medical college is a structural unit of the Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, which determines the material and technical base and high professional level of teaching.

At the college, students study according to the educational and professional program of professional bachelor’s specialization in “Nursing”. Computer classes, the scientific library of the academy, the assembly hall are at the disposal of the college students. The classrooms are equipped with modern educational equipment. Clinical disciplines are taught in specialized training centers, where college students acquire professional competencies, have the opportunity to obtain additional specialization and certificates in massage. Medical and practical facilities are located next to the school building and dormitory for students, which creates a special comfort.

Our graduates are able to independently acquire new knowledge, constantly improve their professional level, are able to analyze situations that arise in the process of activity, work in leading clinics in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Canada, USA.

Students ‘interests are represented by student self-government bodies, which is a stimulus for the development of students’ personality and creative potential..

The primary task of the institution is the quality training of medical professionals in accordance with international standards.

Today’s professional medical college:

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