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 Faculty of General Practice - Family Medicine

Dean of the Faculty

Tsodikova Olga, MD, Dr. Sc., Full Professor

Dean's office schedule: 14.00 17.00

Address: 61176, Kharkiv, st. Amosova, 58, 3 pp. tel. (057) 711-80-42,





Obstetrics and Gynecology 2

732-68-94, e-mail:

General practice - family medicine

725-24-73 e-mail:

Emergency medicine and disaster medicine

715-33-41, 711-29-73 e-mail:

Genetics, obstetrics, gynecology and fetal medicine

93-00-72 e-mail:

Clinical Pathological Physiology, Topographic Anatomy and Operative Surgery


Management and economics in family medicine

711-80-43 e-mail:

Neuropathology and neurosurgery

725-06-18 e-mail:

Oncology and Pediatric Oncology

315-11-75 e-mail:

Policlinic pediatrics

52-20-74 e-mail:

Social medicine, management and business in health care

700-36-39 e-mail:

Therapy, nephrology and general medicine - family medicine

343-12-98 e-mail:

Traumatology, Anesthesiology and Military Surgery

711-41-45 e-mail:

Phthisiology, pulmonology and family medicine


Surgery and proctology

760-11-66 e-mail:

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