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 Faculty of Public Health

Dean of the Faculty

Voronzhev Igor, MD, Dr. Sc., Full Professor

Dean's office schedule: 14.00 17.00

Address: 61176, Kharkiv, st. Amosova, 58, 3 pp. tel. (057) 711-80-42,





Hygiene, epidemiology and occupational diseases

310-01-73, 711-80-36 e-mail:

Disinfectology and prophylaxis of medical care-related infections


Dermatovenereology and HIV/AIDS


Children's infectious diseases

97-41-81 e-mail:

Infectious   diseases

97-11-50 e-mail:

Clinical biochemistry, forensic medical toxicology and pharmacy

711-79-97 e-mail:

Clinical Immunology and Microbiology

731-19-59 e-mail:

Clinical Informatics and Information Technologies in Healthcare Management

711-80-32   e-mail:

Clinical   laboratory medicine

711-80-46 e-mail:

Clinical   parasitology and tropical diseases

97-41-30 e-mail:

Medical and Pharmaceutical Law, General and Clinical Pharmacy


Organization of health care, public administration

704-70-55 email:

Radiology and pediatric Radiology

725-24-71 e-mail:

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