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 Therapeutic Faculty

Dean of the Faculty
Sergeenko Olena, MD, Dr. Sc., Full Professor

Dean's office schedule: 14.00 17.00

Address: 61176, Kharkiv, st. Amosova, 58, 3 pp. tel. (057) 711-80-42,


Gastroenterology e-mail:
Dermatovenereology  751-12-90 e-mail: 
Cardiology and functional diagnostics 710-98-81, 731-31-54 e-mail:
Medical rehabilitation, sports medicine and medical physical education 725-06-01 e-mail:
Narcology  723-00-37, 723-01-24 e-mail:
Neurology and child neurology 343-89-62 e-mail:
Psychiatry 738-42-41 e-mail:
Psychotherapy 349-44-23, 343-41-44 e-mail:
Reflexotherapy  725-06-21 e-mail:
Sexology, medical psychology, medical and psychological rehabilitation 725-06-76 e-mail:
Family medicine, folk and non-traditional medicine, sanology 725-26-99 e-mail:
Therapy  725-09-40, 725-09-47 e-mail:
Therapy, Rheumatology and Clinical Pharmacology 725-06-20 e-mail:
Physiotherapy, spa medicine and restorative medicine 349-44-15 e-mail:
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