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The cost of educational services at the Academy for foreign specialists for 2019.

The cost of training for foreign specialists in clinical ordinatura (specialized training in medicine), internship

- Therapeutic profile                                                                                   

eq 3350 USD p/ year

- Surgical profile

eq 3350 USD p/ year

- Dentistry

    eq 3450 USD p/year

- Internship in the direction:

- Medicine


  eq  3 3 0 USD  p/month

- Dentistry

   eq3 5 0 USD  p/month

The cost of training students in the Medical College   KhMAPE in the specialty               " Medical Nurse":

for foreign citizens :


- Junior Specialist (base 9 classes)

eq 1010 USD p/year

- Junior Specialist (base 11 classes)

eq 986 USD p/year



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