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Postgraduate study

 Postgraduate study

 postgraduate study
List of specialties of clinical residency: 
Approved by Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of December 19, 1997, No. 359 (as amended and supplemented by the orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated July 6, 2005 No. 333, dated February 21, 2006 No. 76) 

1. Obstetrics and gynecology
2. Anesthesiology
3. Gastroenterology
4. Dermatovenereology
5. Endocrinology
6. Infectious diseases
7. Cardiology
8. Clinical laboratory diagnostics
9. Combustiology
10. Therapeutic physical education
11. Neurology
12. Neurosurgery
13. Neonatology
14. Nephrology
15. Oncology
16. gynecological oncology
18. Orthodontics
19. Orthopedic stomatology
20. Orthopedics and Traumatology
21. Otolaryngology
22. Ophthalmology
23. Pathological anatomy
24. Pediatrics
25. Psychiatry
26. Radiology
27. Roentgenology
28. Therapeutic dentistry
29. Therapy
30. ultrasound diagnostics
31. Urology
32. Surgical dentistry
33. Surgery
34. Surgery of heart and trunk vessels

Citizens of Ukraine, foreigners, as well as stateless persons residing on the territory of Ukraine on legal grounds are admitted to postgraduate study program of Kharkiv Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education on a competitive basis.
Training of foreign citizens and stateless persons is carried out on the basis of:
- international treaties of Ukraine;
- national programs;
- agreements concluded  between Academy and legal entities and individuals.
Postgraduate studies are accepted on a competitive basis by persons who have received higher education at the specialist / master's level in medicine / pharmacy and are certified by a doctor / pharmacist who is a specialist in the relevant specialty of postgraduate studies, master's degree (if available). 

List of specialties of postgraduate study program : 
221 Dentistry
222 Medicine
224 Technologies of medical diagnostics and treatment
225 Medical psychology
226 Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy
228 Pediatrics
053 Psychology
Specialization: obstetrics and gynecology; internal illnesses; surgery; urology; oncology (medical sciences); pediatrics; cardiology; Infectious diseases; endocrinology; nerve diseases; psychiatry; narcology; otorhinolaryngology; skin and venereal diseases; traumatology and orthopedics; dentistry; radiation diagnostics and radiotherapy; forensic Medicine; phthisiology; anesthesiology and intensive care; spa therapy and physiotherapy; hygiene (medical sciences); epidemiology; social medicine; pathological anatomy (medical sciences); microbiology (medical sciences); medical psychology; parasitology; ophthalmology, pathological physiology.

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